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Jinan flies the airline ticket that connect distant | Jinan flies connect distan
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The detailed information is material the journey: Jinan flies to the airport that connect distant 3 word code: Airline of TNA - TGO: China International airline | China International airline | The price: - - material information:

CA1157 17:3Takeoff 18:3 of airport of wall of 5 Jinan Yao0 arrive at schedule of Beijing capital airport 1. .4. .7
CA1139 20:10 turn fly takeoff 21:30 arrive at schedule of the airport that connect distant 1234567


Won't appear to ensure the arrangement such as the formation that communicates medium meaningless error to affect you, order a ticket to be in order to fax please accurate, should seize the opportunity with respect to what what you order airline ticket person full name, journey, date, requirement and connection means, the respect such as the contact gives detailed and correct specification.

This station quotes taxes and insurance all are not contained outside eliminating special statement, each all set accordingly with airline to allow, the square excuse me of the price does not inform separately. My company reservation counterpoises to this final explanation.