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Passenger ticket of civil aviaton electron serves a hot line to debut
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Yesterday, passenger ticket of civil aviaton electron serves hot line 400-815-8888 to debut formally, the passenger can pass the true bogus of passenger ticket of electron of hot line test and verify.

Since electronic passenger ticket was popularized in October 2006, enterprise of certain sale agent is obtain interest, the circumstance that after managing non-standard, passenger to buy false ticket, cannot board the plane normally happens from time to tome. For this, inc. of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy opened Chinese aviation carriage association and website of Chinese civil aviaton jointly passenger ticket of civil aviaton electron serves a hot line, the hot line is artificial serve time is everyday 08:00-20:00, the others time is computer speech inquiry. The passenger calls service hot line, but sheet of v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money of passenger ticket of self-help input electron, journey pressworks serial number examines information of electronic passenger ticket. In addition, service hot line still offers inquiry for the passenger at the same time information of real time airliner, accept a passenger to be booked in electronic passenger ticket, the complaining that journey sheet prints side occurrence issue, civil aviaton will appear in the newspaper to concern sectional processing after receiving a passenger to complain.