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False electron airline ticket shows height sand
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Reported on March 20 according to 3 Hunan Metropolis Daily " how can this do! " Miss Wang thinks of Chengdu goes seeing a boy friend, the electronic plane ticket that decided a piece to exceed low discount through mobile phone advertisement. When she drives chrysanthemum to the International Airport midday, discover to there is oneself seat at all on booked HU7355 scheduled flight however. "You were cheated probably, bought false electronic airline ticket. " the staff member tells her so.
Low discount ticket may have a holiday

Aviation goes out now row, most what come up against first is electronic passenger ticket. The passenger if by temptation of fare of low discount of small advertising of mobile phone short message or street, buy false airline ticket very likely. Market of boat Hunan company sells a ministry to express south, receive many passengers to reflect this kind of problem recently. A lot of people discover, after hitting the short message that changes airline ticket to order a ticket to pay through what receive on the mobile phone, although also was received finally,board the plane be needed to know a short message really, went to the airport to discovery did not order a record and cannot board the plane however. In addition, the small advertisement place that a few people send out through street books " favourable ticket " , deal with to the airport likewise board the plane discovery of the ability when formalities was cheated. Fare of incur loss through delay of a few airliners changes the discovery when the autograph in the airport, those who order a system to show is to cannot sign the low discount bill that turn, and the fare level that oneself pay actually is to be able to change a label. Additional, return somebody to pass airline portal website, passenger ticket of electron of scare buying low discount, add valence to sell a passenger again, let consumer cannot enjoy the material benefit that provides directly to airline truly.

The choice buys ticket way normally

"Must log onto normal website. " Na Hang reminds a passenger to must choose the normal route that buy a ticket: To airline office of straight sale ticket is bought or through Na Hang 5 stars diamond serves a hot line 95539 with WWW of website of Na Hang portal. CS-AIR. COM undertakes ordering a ticket, choose the booking office that when the representative buys a ticket, must choose to possess legal representative qualification.

"When buying a ticket, must offer seize the opportunity correctly person Id number, full name and connection means. Give a bill through acting as agent, the sheet of journey of electronic passenger ticket that still should ask for a lid to have official seal of sale unit finance affairs to the representative and connection phone. In ask for v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money or after the stroke is single, perhaps had better pass the price that dials airline ticket of test and verify of special railway line and bogus of journey Chan Zhen in airline website. " market of company of Na Hang Hunan sells Director Qin Guoqing to say, through Na Hang at present the website is mixed when dialing 95539 hot lines to undertake buying a ticket, consumer all can enjoy what offer by airline to real significance to buy ticket 2-5 to lose privilege ahead of schedule on a lot of course. Need to simple member is registered and install the bank on the net to pay only accuse, can safety buys favourable airline ticket. He expresses, to the customer that pays on unaccustomed still net, airline still opened a net to go up commonly the function pays below the net that order a ticket, after electronic passenger ticket was being ordered on passenger net, can hint according to the system, in nearby bank network bill section collects name a person for a particular job assign account, guide remittance credential number again system, can finish easily the ticket is bought on the net. (Editor Li Lan is sweet)
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