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Shenzhen offers electronic airline ticket to serve in the round
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Korea combines news service head Er on April 30 report: Empty company of Korea Han Yahang is announced today, will be in since May 1 all international course that run regularly, offer electronic airline ticket to serve.
Service of electronic airline ticket is to pass phone or network to undertake making an appointment mixing the passenger of settle accounts, get from airline make an appointment after number, in set out to needed to undertake in the airport the identity affirms the service that can board the plane only that day. To the passenger, the ticket discharged electronic machine to arrive personally the trouble of booking office, airline can save the cost that issues paper to make airline ticket.
Current, the utilization rate of electronic airline ticket of line of home of Han Yahang empty company is 100% , predicting international course is OK also at same level is being reached in the near future.