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Use airline ticket of couplet boat electron
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Cease Si Dui, on April 23 / new colorful connect /- - American mainland airline (Continental   Airlines) announces today, plan as the airline ticket of couplet boat electron that cooperates with Air   Europa carry out, this company had perfected the airline ticket of couplet boat electron between as all as its allied associate to serve ability. Its alliance associate includes a day to join alliance (the day in all joins in with the plan members with current SkyTeam) , plan adds up to allied partner and all and other code to share with flight frequenter partner.  
Aviation of according to international carries association (Association of   of Transport of   of International   Air, abbreviation IATA) about arriving 2007 whole world of the end of the year the 100% requirements that adopt electronic airline ticket, american mainland airline predicts to the end of the year will be issued no longer 2007 or accept paper airline ticket. The executive respect that American mainland airline plans in airline ticket of couplet boat electron is the global industry leader inside international aviation carriage association, have the capacity that uses airline ticket of couplet boat electron jointly with business of 77 acceptance of consignment at present.  
Airline ticket of couplet boat electron makes client can hodometer of airline ticket of electron of paper quality of voucher Zhang Fei passes American mainland airline and business of other acceptance of consignment to consign with examination baggage. American mainland airline predicts his all traveler can use convenient electronic airline ticket very quickly, because electronic airline ticket can decrease,lose, the trouble that theft and paper airline ticket bring to client and airline. Current, the client of 98% uses whole system of American mainland airline electronic airline ticket travels. The whole world that electronic airline ticket provides a service in American mainland airline is all many 280 airport all effective.  
Area of mainland airline Asia-Pacific and company grow Erwin of   of Mark of senior vice president to express: "The implementation of ability of airline ticket of electron of boat of couplet of as all as us allied associate is us realize 100% electrons airline ticket to try hard the important milestone in the process. We will continue with boat of the rest couplet the partner cooperates, ask they use technology of airline ticket of couplet boat electron as soon as possible, in order to follow the demand of international aviation carriage association, because we are in this crucial plan,be the leader of this industry. "