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The biggest case accuses Chengdu of bilk of electronic airline ticket broken
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Yesterday, public security bureau of airport of civil aviaton Sichuan held major press conference, report to media newest a series of uncovered bilk cases, two bilk cases are electronic passenger ticket since carrying out, Chengdu solicits broken the most massive case, 42 pieces " crooked " electronic passenger ticket in all section of bilk passenger bill is close 50 thousand yuan.
Order a ticket qualifications of 31 Zhang Deng machine are cancelled however
This year on January 29, passenger Mr Zheng passes street " the ticket is strung together string " the phone on extending card, book Chengdu to arrive Wen Zhou's airline ticket 16 pieces, 29 days, "The ticket is strung together string " send airline ticket to Zheng Mou hand, get online face to face it is good to let a passenger see the seat has been decided, next collection bill section. The 3rd day afternoon, get online again when Zheng Mou when inquiry, discover however among them of 11 pieces of airline ticket decide a record to had been cancelled, by bilk bill section 10 thousand multivariate. On March 7, passenger Mr Chen books Chengdu to arrive through similar pattern 3 inferior airline ticket going there and back 31 pieces, pay a ticket the money 30 thousand multivariate, but when him day and 13 companions are dealt with to the airport seize the opportunity when formalities, discover however board the plane the qualification is early had been cancelled.
Pass the effort of 1 many months, police is in Chengdu, Guangzhou respectively and other places seizes suspect Liu Xiaobing, Jiang Mou.
Sale flaw is ecbolic and illegal " industrial catenary "
Police discloses, this kind of new bilk means near future appears time and again, was to exploit a few loophole in all-pervading electron passenger ticket beginning to sell a process by last year, bilk gang has division of labor each, already formed a black in the sale of electronic passenger ticket illegal " industrial catenary " .
"What get stuck in street hair is a group of person, those who pick up the telephone is additionally one group of person, those who send crooked bill is a group! " congratulate great team leader says, a machine that the passenger thinks the telephone call that takes on card is one is secured, but actually guilty gang has passed move call, use mobile phone, small well-informed receive listen. Congratulate great team leader says, next, guilty group used the psychology of partial passenger anxious to get things on the cheap, open bade case particularly low " crooked " ticket.
Why is the seat checked to already was booked on the net before consign bill section, still encounter false bill finally? "This is a flaw actually " , controller of orgnaization of a representative expresses this locality, the passenger calls oral after booking, this place that reserve actually by " hang " , pay a ticket paragraph hind in the passenger only, the seat just is in truly " affirm " condition, right now the passenger boards the plane in airport ability. However, inquire common passenger differentiates very hard on the net " hang " and " affirm " distinction. Congratulate great team leader discloses, bilk gang is in when receiving passenger phone to order a ticket, often reserve airline ticket with passenger name to normal representative dot (unpaid) , sending what the passenger when the ticket sees is actually " hang " condition, bill section in one's hand hind, disappear of bilk gang reassume orders a ticket.
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