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Airline ticket of golden week electron is booked fervent
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51 golden weeks should arrive again.

The Shencheng for the festival added team of vast and mighty go on a journey to shine together beautiful scenery. the citizen that celebrates a festival to many going out, comprehensive electron changes at present airline ticket, enjoying convenient while also cannot treat sth lightly. Of many black representatives " air bag " intrigue makes citizen " ticket, money " two break, in the meantime, much money receiving a bill, without reason cancels the rights and interests of enroach on consumer such as poundage of collection of airline ticket, return a ticket complain rate also show ascendant trend.

As we have learned, after electronic airline ticket is enabled, of 12315 complain times add. 12315 issuance consumption complain analytic middle finger to go out, the issue of Wu of ticket of electronic airline ticket that heard March is complained relatively the corresponding period grew 5 last year times. Analytic report shows, electronic airline ticket complains content to basically be centered in much money receiving a bill, without reason to cancel the airline ticket, respect such as poundage of collection of return a ticket. Many consumer express, bought airline ticket is ordered in airline ticket be commissioned to sell sth, the ability when boarding the plane discovers the full name clerical error on airline ticket of general of the other side, bring about oneself to cannot board the plane, be forced to buy airline ticket separately in the airport. Our newspaper reader lives in Mr Zhang of Xu Jiahui to had had similar lot. Mr Zhang tells a reporter, he goes last week Sichuan is away on official business, ordered airline ticket of a piece of electron, the result went to the airport to just discover the name is bad. "I explained with the functionary of the airport at that time very long, but still did not let the plane on me finally. Of course, this also blames my carelessness to do not have microscope, but the place of carry out ticket should be responsible also, and the airport should be a bit more agile after checking the status that checks me. Because be late this, loss of within an inch of an order. And of electronic airline ticket submit an expense account very troublesome also, look present electronic airline ticket is immature still ah. " Mr Zhang says.

Information of individual of electronic airline ticket needs to check carefully, but the chance that the representative of black airline ticket with many normal now blame on the market begins to get electronic airline ticket, con citizen gold.

After electronic airline ticket is executed, return a ticket and change an autograph to be able to undertake through phone and network, the citizen needs to offer v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money of corresponding electronic passenger ticket or journey sheet only, and Id number can be dealt with. Black representative is in be informed complete information state of affairs to fall, use " tone is wrapped " , make passenger " ticket, money " two break. To this circumstance, inc. of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy opened Chinese aviation carriage association and website of Chinese civil aviaton to inquire a phone freely, after the citizen was buying electronic passenger ticket, can dial free 4008158888 phones inquire true bogus. Chinese aviation carries association to warn a citizen, normal " stroke of airline ticket of aviation carriage electron is single " for paper of blue decorative pattern, wrong upper part has " supervise the manufacture of of total bureau of national tax Wu " model of written characters, right upper part has one typesetting and printing to brush serial number, lower part has " test and verify is piled up " , true journey sheet pressworks word of the 4 digit after serial number and " test and verify is piled up " the number is completely uniform.
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