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10 thousand cities -- Kunming course opens managing fare 17 days 200 multivariat
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Yesterday (17 days) , by change, another name for Hubei province, another name for Yunnan Province 4 provinces city makes hand in hand " 10 thousand cities -- Kunming " course of the travel in sky debuts formally, the mark is worn 3 gorge, Yunnan this two macrocosm are famous organic ground contacts travel tourist attraction, form a new gold travel line, kunming of non-stop flight to of 10 thousand cities will be managing 6 hours, managing charge 200 multivariate.

Sichuan airline opened the line going there and back that Kunming reachs Beijing to 10 thousand cities this, thereby get through library area is current and southwest south gate, received two travel resort one case repeatedly cheek by jowl, buy outright seat number of travel of course of flying Kunming of 10 thousand cities by travel agent, open up special railway line of Kunming of non-stop flight to of 10 thousand cities, quicken Yunnan and area of 3 gorge library two ground tourist is interactive, abound the area of 3 gorge library, passenger source discharge that forms a delegation to receive the market with the ground. Yesterday, first group already set out from airport of 10 thousand cities Kunming of non-stop flight to.