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Harbin leaves a port airline ticket value plunges considerably average discount
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The reporter understands from booking office of civil aviaton Harbin, enter as aviation market off-season, to raise airliner guest rate, each airline is rolled out respectively dozen discount move, from with a ha leave a port airline ticket hits folding length on average to spend in 4 fold the left and right sides.

As we have learned, current, harbin can be hit to the airliner lowest of Qingdao, Kunming 5 fold, with a ha reach Shenzhen, Guangzhou to arrive directly at airliner lowest to be able to be hit 4.5 fold, lowest of haing consummate sea, Chengdu can be hit 4 fold, minimum of Ha Zhina capital 3.5 fold 580 yuan, with a ha reach Beijing lowest 3 fold 290 yuan; Ao Kai airline rolls out ferry of flying Apsaras of 5 people above to send Beijing lowest freely to be able to make the 2.5 preferential price case that lose 250 yuan, add fuel surtax and airport construction cost to add up to 400 yuan, basic and as identical as price of train soft sleeper. In addition, haing change trains comes 3 inferior special offer airline ticket 930 yuan, to airline ticket of special offer of group of Kunming, Home Zhang 900 yuan, to airline ticket of special offer of big talk, Chengdu 850 yuan, to airline ticket of Guilin special offer 800 yuan, to airline ticket of special offer of Guangzhou, Shenzhen 750 yuan.