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Age is cheap the airliner descends lowest of airline ticket of Jinan flying Shan
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Our newspaper Jinan on November 20 dispatch: Afterwards opens Shanghai to come after the airliner of non-stop flight to of Yantai, Qingdao, this afternoon, age aviation is in again Jinan is high-key announce, will on November 28 consummate sea, Jinan reachs open up Jinan big talk and Jinan come 3 inferior airliner of non-stop flight to. Airline ticket sale continues to carry out mode of the special offer on the net, among them the ballot of lowermost bargain price that Jinan reachs Shanghai 99 yuan.

The Jinan with age enlightened aviation -- Shanghai airliner will be achieved everyday one. Every week one, 2, 3, 6 flying big talk, zhou Si, 5, day flies 3 inferior. According to introducing, 21 days, of age aviation hire brand-new empty guest 320 will reach airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge, preparation throws the operation of course of Jinan going there and back. The reporter understands, buy special offer airline ticket to be able to make pay on the net through age aviation website only. The airport construction cost that increases Jinan airport and fuel surtax (150 yuan) , jinan is 249 yuan to price of airline ticket of Shanghai special offer, with active 230 yuan train lies forcedly the ticket differs very few. It is reported, the Hainan that the group sends after November 28 swims quote also will reduce 300-400 accordingly yuan.

Wang Zhenghua of Shanghai age president says, book a plane to reach the designated position in succession as the company, this enlightened course will insist to be done, in order to satisfy the requirement of taut spruce line.