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Shenyang -- the airline ticket that delay auspicious sells a train ticket price
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On November 20, the reporter understands from booking office of airport of peach celestial being, suffer the effect with off-season insufficient passenger flow, shenyang each course airline ticket dives greatly, shenyang -- the airline ticket that delay auspicious 2 fold one-way only 150 yuan, sell a train ticket price.

Although had carried out wintry spring airliner to plan, each are big airline has been aimed at passenger of winter go on a journey considerably reductive season feature reduced partial line, but suffer profit of Shenyang aviation market is good this year influence, airliner of Shenyang aviation market still relatively frequent. Maintain basically before in the 7 Shenyang that fold above -- Beijing course, also hit this 4 fold, one-way only 280 yuan (all do not contain tax) . Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, this and Hainan airline are in Shenyang -- on Beijing course, increase everyday an airliner does not have nothing to do is. Additional, shenyang -- Guangzhou course also is hit 2.5 fold, mere 580 yuan.

Respect of airline ticket going there and back, shenyang -- Chengdu 3.5 fold, shenyang -- Xiamen, Hangzhou, Yantai, Tianjin all 5 fold, shenyang -- Nanjing, Shanghai all 6 fold. Connect previously never the Shenyang of the discount -- Qingdao course, at present airline ticket going there and back also is achieved 5 fold.

Additional, in the light of at present dots of a lot of airline ticket representative are hit 2 fold wait for advertisement of low airline ticket, but call when the passenger when buying, be informed however the circumstance that has done not have airline ticket. Booking office tells a reporter about chief: Airline ticket of this kind of low, it is the product of sales promotion set limit to that airline takes out partial shipping space mostly, not be whole plane all airline ticket are so favourable.