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Coming off-season Jinan Xiamen Airlines Flight 100 is only the minimum
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In late May to the end of June is low season air, som e of the discount airline tickets low line. Some routes even more than the introduction of special ticket price of train tickets hard even lower.

Yesterday, reporters saw the site Mountain Airlines, Shandong Airlines launched in a number of special fares on the route. These special fares routes mainly in Xiamen, Chongqing, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Xi'an and Changchun and other places. May 21, Jinan - Xiamen 100. June 1, Jinan - 290 yuan in Chongqing, together with the airport construction fee and fuel surcharge, but also 380, and Jinan, Chongqing K15 train hard to spread the fare of 391 yuan.

The Eastern site, the company launched special fares are: June 9, Jinan - Shanghai 270; June 15, Jinan - Chengdu 480; June 16, Jinan - 330 yuan in Chongqing; June 16 , Jinan - Guangzhou 480; June 16, Jinan - Shanghai 230.
Shandong Airlines Pang, vice president of marketing, sales of red Commission introduced more than a month before the summer, they were simply off-season. In order to increase attendance, the airlines are engaged in promotional activities. This low discount airfares to continue until the end of June. After the summer vacation in July, with the increase in passenger travel, ticket prices will slowly rise.

CEA-related staff also said that in the July low discount tickets will be reduced.

Pang Chong suggested that under normal circumstances, special fares for each flight will not be over 10. If people intend to travel recently, we must determine the schedule as soon as possible so that timely grab the special fares. In addition, the special ticket price of non-airport construction fee and fuel surcharge, and some accessories, such as can not refund the terms, upgrades, such postponed.