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Xiamen Shenzhen home to the direction of the other direction there is still a
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Last night, reporters scouring votes from several well-known website, the search to the following ticket information, want to buy return tickets or busy with preparations for the New Year out of the public in advance to provide some help. From Shenzhen back to Quzhou, February 11, 12, 13 (some need to transfer), tickets are on sale now online, unfortunately Da Zhepiao too little, almost no discount. Line out of about 1,200 yuan more than the price of tickets (some Is the first class), but a reporter found, Feb. 13 flight that day there is a trip back to the thoroughfare, is still selling 680 of the discounted tickets. After New Year, adequate ticket back to Shenzhen to work, but still no discount. February 18, 20, 23 can only be set to 9.4 fold of the ticket. Quzhou back from Beijing, Feb. 10, 11, 12, now can buy tickets, enough votes, fare discounts between roughly 6.4-7.6. And some people go to Beijing Chinese New Year, February 8 to 12, there is a discount Tickets on sale, discount remained at 4.7 fold. After New Year, back to Beijing to work friends, but also peace of mind. February 17 to 21, there are plenty of tickets, the discount is approximately 7.6 fold. Xiamen direction back to Quzhou, February 10, 12, a 9.5 fold in the sale of tickets. Quzhou to Xiamen years later, on Feb. 17, 19, also a discount ticket. Some people will use the New Year 7 days holiday, go Hainan sun, some members of the public to the north to see snow, slippery ice, the reporter found that these lines, but higher fares enough votes, the direction of discounts in Sanya, Hainan 9 fold more, go north, Hangzhou, Harbin, such as routes, the lowest fares 8 fold.