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Want to look at the Asian Games in Guangzhou train tickets have to set as early
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Aviation, railway departments have developed programs to ensure the safety of 16th Asian Games will be held November 12 to 27 in Guangzhou, China after the Olympic Games held again as large-scale intercontinental Games, when it will set off a "national watch the Asian Games, all the people watching Guangzhou" boom. So, Shanxi convenient for people to go to Guangzhou, the relevant departments to ensure the safety of journalists had visited today. Today, reporters booking sites to see a large log, Taiyuan, Guangzhou flight ticket booking has been heating up in the November 8 6 Taiyuan flights fly to Guangzhou, the four shows, "the amount of tension vote." "At present, Taiyuan to Guangzhou discount ticket discount universal for 4, after the opening of the Games, there will be raised ticket prices at any time." Hua Fei Aviation Services Co., Ltd. related to the staff, most recently, the Advisory Taiyuan to Guangzhou flights who was increase, if any travel plans, to book flights as early as possible. To ensure aviation safety, Taiyuan airport emergency plan has been developed, mainly to enhance the opening of passenger baggage and inspection package, a little suspicious, the screeners have to open the case. "Passengers have to train to Guangzhou booking early!" Taiyuan Railway Bureau of the parties, only a trip to Guangzhou, Taiyuan, K374 train, the Asian Games started, visitors will be more concentrated, the current sub-Taiyuan Railway Station has been opened Win ticket special mouth. In order to ensure security during the Asian Games, Taiyuan Railway Bureau has developed contingency plans to strengthen during the Asian Games and Paralympic fire, explosion, anti-sabotage preparation. Required to properly handle emergencies, field deployed at railway stations and police staff, strict security checks of passengers, all packages must have inspection, maintenance section and crew section can also develop contingency measures to ensure vehicle safety and vehicle safety, control risk goods on the train.