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China Eastern Shanghai Pudong Airport Security Department to work together wit
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November 25 afternoon, the terminal station of Pudong and China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, referred to as "Eastern"), Shanghai Pudong Passenger Security Department held a departure of a branch, entitled "a first Zhengyou, improve service quality; police work together to create harmony airport, "the party exchanges. Pudong branch of a passenger departing the Ministry of independent development of party members and party members will be the demonstration effect of innovation as a priority this year to launch the party "to recover on plans" to inspire the inner passion to find their own lack of initiative, self-motivate members to improve; party dares to light as , exemplary and give full play to party members to take the lead role models, this event has been endorsed unanimously by employees. Meanwhile, the Ministry of departure of a first class passenger Pudong Expo Services Demonstration Group Golden Key representatives to speak at the meeting for the exchange since its inception in 1996, Golden Key has been adhering to the "satisfaction with service above all else" in the spirit for every visitor services, was awarded many honors, and made visitors unanimously approved. In order to improve the operational capacity of the staff, and engaged the contest as the skills, various types of job training, the Expo training these activities stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff at the same time a very good ability to improve their own level. Terminal station of the party building work of Pudong, close around the central task, from the party building to the police, from the example of unity and cooperation, focus on innovative practice and humane care of three themes, in the same party building work carried out in a variety of activities, carry forward the Party awareness of nature and dedication to the Expo. Particularly in the training of new staff, a great effort under the branch police station, a new member of the excavation good potential practical training through innovative new member of a number of outstanding police. Through seminars and site visits, etc. talk to action, so that police officers who feel a strong concern. After making the exchange has implemented a very good passenger between the Ministry and the airport police station to build a classmate, the spirit of cooperation and win-win purpose. Exchange, the two sides have carried out the delegates to speak, focusing on how to strengthen grass-roots party building work carried out exchanges and discussions. Wu Tao, director of the terminal station of Pudong and Pudong Party Secretary Ministry of Lingyun passenger spoke about the work of party building department early achievements and shortcomings, have great expectations for the future, and from what specific aspects of the job of party building more perfect. The branch exchange with a clear theme, prepared to exchange and promote each other and achieved good results. China Eastern Airlines and the airport police station I believe that through the joint collaboration and efforts, we can well develop the advanced nature of Party members, to create high-quality service, to create a harmonious and orderly airport environment!