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Sanya Phoenix Airport: 10 years 20 million passenger trips year after handling
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Provincial housing construction in conjunction with the Office of Haikou, Sanya municipal government jointly held this afternoon at the provincial joint review will be considered through the "Sanya Phoenix International Airport Master Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "General Regulation"), and reported to the State Civil Aviation Administration for approval. "General rules" predicts that by 2020, the Phoenix airport will reach 20 million annual passenger throughput of passengers. "General rules" is based on the runway in a reference to a single runway capacity of the largest security establishment, including the airfield, terminal area, production and ancillary areas (including the Air Base) and integrated transport system, and several other aspects . "General Regulation" describes a new image of the future Phoenix Airport: will build a large hub airports in the South China Sea region, Hainan Province, the famous eco-garden city airport and the southern region of the window and highlight the core and, ultimately, into an international advanced, safe efficient, professional science, and the environment, economical, functional and reasonable local features rich, beautiful environment and pleasant, with rich green tropical gardens and comprehensive travel airport business airport. "General Regulations" also made the Phoenix airport traffic predicted: mid-2015, passenger throughput reached 14.2 million people, of which 12.78 million domestic passengers passengers, international passengers 1.42 million people; 2020 annual passenger throughput of 20 million people Among them, 18 million domestic passengers passengers, 200 million international passengers trips; 2040, passenger throughput of 40 million passengers every year, of which 36 million domestic passengers passengers, 400 million international passengers trips. "General Regulations" also on the airport and the city's development, current situation based company and the airport development issues, and there is an urgent need to address the terminal area of less than, fewer empty seats near the side, and stood before the traffic disorganized serious cargo facilities less so are discussed. "General rules" recommended sites based on the status of the scope of the airport, the airport's current construction organization planning to address the urgency of the airport expansion, to meet the current construction, expansion planning a long-term development approach.