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Points for airlines tickets, "price"
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Miles "devaluation" "Excuse me, now exchange a ticket from Chengdu to Shanghai, you need 20,000 points." Yesterday, Mr Li Chengdu, China Eastern Airlines customer service call when ready to exchange tickets that originally only need 18,000 points to To exchange the ticket, now "price" of. Chengdu Commercial Daily Press survey found that recent domestic airlines raised through different ways redeem mileage threshold. Airline: Raise the threshold points for airline tickets "Now what are the prices, did not expect to use points for free tickets have gone up." Spend 2,000 points to watch for the ticket, Mr. Lee seemed to be somewhat depressed. Lee often travel to Shanghai to do a piece of China Eastern's membership card, usually put the points accumulated by plane. Now, seeing Christmas is coming, he prepared to redeem tickets to Shanghai to visit his girlfriend, which Only heard of these awards ticket "price" of. It is understood that various major domestic airlines have launched their own membership card, as long as the member airlines, the future of the airline passengers in flight, or other eligible cases, you can put Take the mileage accumulation for the corresponding points. Fulfill certain criteria, the passengers can use points to redeem free air tickets or other prizes. Yesterday, the reporter called China Eastern Airlines customer service, staff confirmed to reporters, Eastern Airlines is indeed redeem the rules were adjusted, "the new rule is formally implemented from this month raised some routes award ticket The required points. "However, the integral" devaluation "of the reason, the staff said they were not clear. In addition to China Eastern, the reporter learned that other airlines did not directly raise the necessary points award ticket, but also through other means change to the "price hikes." Air China yesterday, the reporter consulted the customer service staff Staff said that in October this year, Air China increased the threshold redeem, "For the first time ticket exchange of passengers of Air China, put forward higher requirements, must meet the requirements, can be eligible for award tickets . "In addition, there are airlines to adjust the mileage accumulation rules, the mileage can be accumulated over a number of low discount airline tickets, now can not earn miles, for the members, the more difficult you want to earn miles. However, reporters yesterday from Sichuan Airlines and other local airlines understand that the rules have not yet adjusted for ticket redemption. Attorney questioned: Changed the rules can not be "one size fits all" Rules for airlines to adjust the behavior of exchange points, many consumers found it difficult to understand. Lee to have a such a question: "Why change the rules do not let me know in advance? Do airlines rules Secretary will be able to change to change it? " In this regard, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zi Xunle and Cheng Duguo Golden Law Office Zhang Xuejun, he said, when consumers become a member airlines certainly have a similar provision, giving the airline the right to modify the rule Lee, the airline is allowed to change the rules. Sure enough, reporters see the many members of the airline rules, airlines are found to have a similar "right to withdraw, limit, change or cancel any reward, or change the number of points required for any reward and incentive Provisions and limitations "of such a clause. However, Zhang Xuejun think this one is also unreasonable, "It stands to reason, I have accumulated points in time, the airline's rules for what the future when I use these points to be in accordance with the implementation of the rules Line; Only points accumulated after the rule change, it should be performed under the new rules. Airlines that 'one size fits all' or unreasonable. " In this regard, China Eastern Airlines Customer Service stated that the new rule is announced on October 31, the reason it started from this month, is to give members a "transitional period." He also said that after the introduction of the new rules, flight Air companies are sent to all members of the relevant notice, if Mr. Lee did not receive, it is possible for members when he left due to a change in contact information.