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Jinan arrives to ticket of the plane that think of cogongrass, Jinan think of co
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The detailed information is material the journey: Jinan - the airport that think of cogongrass 3 word code: Airline of TNA - SYM: Shandong airline | Shandong airline | The price: - - material information:

SC1197 08:1Takeoff 12:1 of airport of wall of 0 Jinan Yao5 arrive at schedule of airport of dam of Kunming witch home
SC4795 13:20 turn fly takeoff 13:55 arrive at schedule of the airport that think of cogongrass 1234567


This station quotes taxes and insurance all are not contained outside eliminating special statement, each all set accordingly with airline to allow, the square excuse me of the price does not inform separately. My company reservation counterpoises to this final explanation.

To ensure your journey and price are favourable, international airline ticket books a seat ahead of schedule please, in airline allow but inside time limits, did not give a ticket to won't have any pecuniary loss.